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04/FEB/2016 --- SCAN 2 site data failure. ---

data is recovered and any lost data has been reconstructed.
If you see anything wrong still then let Alan or myself know.
Cheers Derek

27/JAN/2016 --- SCAN 2 site data failure. ---

at around 7 PM local time ( Eastern Standard time) Midnight UK time.
We lost our MySQL server Data
our host is looking into it and to restore the data.
Untill fixed you cannot send to Scan2 or get new Allocations

20/MARCH/2015 --- New Version 8 of WinBMD . ---

Version 8 of WinBMD is now available on the FreeBMD website at http://www.freebmd.org.uk/addons/winbmd/

It is mainly a "bug" fix but should be installed by all transcribers using WinBMD.

Changes include

  1. Reintroduced Insert key as a shortcut to fill-down and shift/insert for fill-up
  2. Fixed a bug in Filldown when an error message is displayed if the cancel button is clicked
  3. Included F4 special characters as not unusual in name fields
  4. Fixed bug which prevented the savepath just being a drive letter
  5. Fixed bug causing "Invalid drive letter" message on first install
  6. Added code to prevent the main input form becoming too narrow which could cause a program crash
  7. Added Option to ignore unusual characters
  8. Change to remove trailing spaces in saved files
  9. Fixed a picklist problem incorrectly matching districts which contain a hyphen
  10. Zero in an empty box will now always copy the previous databox skipping any #Comment or +Page rows.
  11. Changed the picklist selection routine for districts containing a comma
  12. Fixed a problem which caused the ruler to move the wrong distance after a zoom
  13. Made some changes to try to resume if an error occurs (such as an access error) during Upload
  14. Lots of changes to Savedata to try to trap and continue from errors
  15. Fixed a problem where pressing 0 in the forenames column did not add a space after the final name
  16. Fixed a problem where (male) and (female) were flagged as invalid forename characters
  17. Changed so that (male) and (female) are not subject to formatting
  18. Changed the Helpfile which had an out-of-date description of the Date of Birth field format.
  19. AaD and DoB changed so that non-numerics are just warnings (to allow things like (about) )
  20. Tried to stop the ruler slippage as it moves down the page
  21. Fixed a ruler problem when the grid is on a + or # line
  22. Added Edit menu item and shortcut to clear the current cell
  23. / added to Districts - any character immediately following a / will now uppercase
  24. Improved the startup routine which checks for the WinBMD_Files folder
  25. Fixed a problem when on startup an empty workfile is found and prevented WinBMD from starting
  26. Fixed bug in Upload routine that could cause hangs.
  27. SpeedBMD filenames now have a 4 character page number
  28. Added a warning if user switches to SpeedBMD format filenames
  29. Mousewheel now moves the input box up/down, or moves the scan if the right mouse button is pressed.
  30. Internal - now uses Keepalive connection.
  31. Fixed a problem where forenames auto-completed were not subject to Formatting
  32. Fixed possible bug in start new page.
  33. Fixed bug where the district picklist could become visible when not in that column after the main form has been minimised.
  34. More improvements to the ruler movement.
  35. Fixed crash when the main form is minimised and the district picklist is enabled.
  36. Made the picklist move with the main window even when disabled.

16/APR/2012 --- New Notice for transcribing Comment Records. ---


When scans show entries with alternative names ( usually shown as AAAAA or BBBBB) for mothersĎs name or spouse name these must be entered as two or more line showing separately each of the alternative names in the appropriate field. (I think that all transcribers carry out this correctly)

After the FIRST of the alternative name lines a comment line should be inserted. For marriage files where there are two alternative names this line should read as follows. Please note there should be no space before the word COMMENT or between COMMENT and the first bracket. The brackets must be rounded brackets and there must be a space after the second bracket

#COMMENT(2) entry reads AAAAA or BBBBB for spouse name

If there are three alternative names the line should read

#COMMENT(3) entry reads AAAAA or BBBBB or CCCCC for spouse name

For a births file the comment should read

#COMMENT(2) entry reads AAAAA or BBBBB for motherís name

Please note. A COMMENT line should not be added where there are two fully transcribed lines in the scan with a different entry for one field.

The following references to this requirement on FreeBMD might be of help

Thanks for all your help

03/OCT/2010 --- New Notice for transcribing 1950 Records. ---

WinBMD Users

We advised you to upgrade to WinBMD Version 6 and many of you have done so. Even with version 6 however all district name variations that you have created will remain in your pick lists with the old volume numbers. We suggest you discard all such districts and create a new set using the new district/volume relationships. User created supplementary entries are contained in your WinBMD_Supp_Districts.txt file (usually located in the C:\Program Files\WinBMD\Files folder). To prevent these old supplementary entries from appearing in the picklist, you can delete the contents of this file (maybe saving a renamed copy). Only delete the contents of the file not the file itself as new districts you create will need to be added to this file. If you donít feel confident in doing that you can use the Edit Districts facility within WinBMD and delete each entry marked with an asterisk. Once old districts have been deleted you can add new ones as you find them in the scans. When adding new districts please take care and check carefully what you enter. We have seen many misspelt districts and many failures to use capital letter in those already created for 1950.

If you transcribe for another syndicate or are involved in correcting files you could consider creating a second version of WinBMD in a different directory if you think that would be an advantage to you in the way you work. If you want advice on doing that I suggest you contact Brian at brian@bmclark.plus.com

Other Users

We believe that other users (SpeedBMD, Linux and MAC ) will have to build a complete new list of districts and volumes. Hopefully you will understand what to do as we have no first hand experience of transcribing other than with WinBMD but if you have problems we will try to help.

File checking on sending to scan2

You will get a new discrepancies report when you upload files to scan2. This will apply only to files transcribed for 1950 and for any files you revise for the years between 1866 and 1909 those being the years transcribed from printed scans. This new check will inspect every line on your file and will report all lines where the district name is not recognised or where the district name and volume number do not match. This report should identify most problems created by these new districts so please read this report and investigate every item listed. Hopefully after a few files when you have resolved all problems the report will be blank. Please be aware that the report will list every entry that it thinks is not normal but it does not mean that all such entries are wrong. You should still always type what you see on the scan as the contents of the report are for your guidance only. We will be monitoring what is sent in and we will be modifying the checking criteria if we identify the need. We will be inspecting files sent in and will contact you to ask you to revise files with errors.

If you have already transcribed files from 1950

If you want to have this same check done on files you have transcribed just send them to scan2 again. You will get a report showing any errors which will enable you to revise the files and update you pick lists. If you donít do that we will be contacting you to ask you to make the corrections so you wonít be able to avoid correcting the files if they are incorrect.

Please let us know if you have problems. Post items of general interest to the scan2 mailing list. Any specific queries can be sent to alan@scan2.ca .

23/SEPT/2010 --- Notice for transcribing 1950 Records. ---

Dear Scan2 transcriber

We will shortly be allocating scans from 1950 for you to transcribe and you need to be aware that a substantial change took place in 1948 which changed the volumes for the vast majority of districts. Once we move to issuing 1950 scans we do not expect to move back to issuing years prior to 1948 so the change to a new set of district/volume pairings will be permanent except for occasions where you will be correcting files.

We issued a small number of pages from 1950 a few months ago so some transcribers will already be aware of the difficulties this can cause to those that are not alert to the problem. Some pages completed at that time have substantial numbers of errors and will need major correction. We want to try to avoid creating more such pages.

For most transcribers, those using WinBMD, the way to minimise the potential for problems is to upgrade to the latest version of WinBMD. This should recognise which year you are transcribing and present you with the correct districts and volumes on pick lists. This can be done using the following link http://www.freebmd.org.uk/addons/winbmd/

For those transcribers not using WinBMD or using older versions of WinBMD you will need to build a complete new set of district/volume relationships to use in pick lists and take great care over the first few files you complete whilst new pick lists are being constructed. I am sure care taken at this time will avoid the need for corrections.

We are developing a procedure for checking files as they are uploaded and this will hopefully alert transcribers to any problems. We are not sure at this time how well that will work and it could list some lines as being problems when they are in fact correct. We will try to fine tune the program once in place to eliminate false reports. Please check the feedback report you see on uploading files for any alerts that might indicate that incorrect volumes are being used and recheck your entries against the scans accordingly.

If you have any problems please contact Alan on alan@scan2.ca. We will try to help but please be patient if it takes a while to respond to your query.

Alan And Derek

15/AUG/2009 --- Notice for transcribing 1937 Marriages. ---

We will shortly complete the allocation of 1936 marriages and will be issuing 1937 marriages next. You will have noticed some changes to districts in 1936 and more will be introduced in 1937. Two of these will cause a problem as the shortened version used will not be accepted by WinBMD which not allow the use of digits in district names. A new version of WinBMD will be available soon, but please use the following alternative naming until it is available. If you stick exactly to the names below we will be able to get the files altered in bulk on FreeBMD. We are not aware of any other problems but please let us know if you find any.

Shown on Scan Please use

Nthmbld.N.1st . Nthmbld.N.First

Nthmbld.N.2nd. Nthmbld.N.Second

It is possible to edit the files outside of WinBMD to force your entry match the scan so you may do that if you wish instead of using the suggested form above

13/JAN/2009 --- Scan2 is upgrading system-- BEING ADVANCED ONE DAY ---

13/JAN/2009 --- Scan2 is upgrading system-- break in service starting 13th jan through 14 th Jan---

We are upgrading service over night 13/14 th Jan 2009. we may be slow in coming up on the 15th. As Alan will also be going away for rest of Jan and Feb. Please contact Derek to report problems. Or use Scan2 List

12/JAN/2009 --- Scan2 is upgrading system-- break in service starting 14th jan through 15 th Jan---

We are upgrading service over night 14/15 th Jan 2009. we may be slow in coming up on the 15th. As Alan will also be going away for rest of Jan and Feb. Please contact Derek to report problems. Or use Scan2 List

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